Support and gratitude to all who serve truth, democracy and justice on Capitol Hill

After the horrifying events last week at the Capitol, we write to all the elected representatives, their staffs, the Capitol Police, and everyone who works in Congress to faithfully serve our democracy: to express our concern for your well-being and our gratitude for your courage and endurance through these grave days.  Whether you were in the complex that day or many miles away, your jobs put you on the front lines supporting our democracy and we know these events are exacting a heavy toll.  THANK YOU.  

As painful and unnerving as it is for the rest of us from afar, it pales in comparison to what you all must be going through—not only on the Sixth of January but in the days and weeks that follow.  Each day we’ve been wishing for your strength, safety, and solace, and we have no doubt that the vast majority of Americans have been doing the same.  We are with you. 

A long-overdue and fearsome reckoning has arrived, but our democracy will ultimately emerge stronger, wiser and more just than before, maybe more than ever before.  How fortunate we are to be commemorating Dr. King over the coming days: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice…” words that will help us sleep tonight.

--Rick and Jen