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Hazard pay for essential workers!

"Here's a Letter to the Editor that Rick wrote. Please write to your lawmakers, sign both of the petitions at the bottom of this email and share on social media!"



While my family and I remain at home, relatively safe from the coronavirus pandemic, I marvel at the sacrifices being made by all those people who are putting themselves in harm's way simply by going to work every day, doing essential jobs in constant interaction with the general public, frequently for low wages.  I would like to see the next stimulus package include extra government payments for these everyday heroes who are making it possible for us all to get through these trying times.   


They are the heroes who are keeping the grocery stores and pharmacies and gas stations open, the bus drivers and garbage collectors, the school staffs making sure kids are getting school meals, the plumbers and electricians entering peoples homes, the delivery people, truck drivers and postal employees, and so many others who are doing their ordinary jobs under these extraordinary circumstances.  And of course anyone working in healthcare, all the more.


Now that taxpayers are adding $600/week to people’s unemployment checks through the CARES Act I think we should also add at least that much to the wages paid to all those who risk the health and wellbeing of their families by exposing themselves to the virus every day in order to do jobs that meet our basic needs as a society.




Rick Fox 

CEO & Co-Founder

Meristem Farms


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