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Collection: Twenty Premium Hemp Smokes

Switch it up... hemp smokes for a new year / new you??  Why not?

Our premium hemp smokes pack 25mg of our Vermont sun-grown hemp wrapped in  hemp paper and an easy-flow filter.  

It might be just what you need to switch it up to refresh your routine and your lungs.

What you won't find here are fillers, nicotine and any other chemicals.  

Be happy, not high...

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  • NEW! Twenty-Pack Premium CBD Hemp Smokes
    Product displayed resembles a white classic cigarette pack with a large seed/stem logo that is various shades of textured green.  The company logo is on the front flap and the text is in green label with font Manrope.  Pack is shown in plan view, front flap is partially open to reveal the silver foil that is labeled 'Pull' There are two packs shown on angled on top of the other.
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