About Us

Mer·i·stem (n):  Plant tissue, found at the tips of roots and shoots, where cells multiply to foster and differentiate growth. 


Meristem is a Vermont-based producer and distributor of high-quality hemp products.  We foster and differentiate growth in our industry to deliver on the promise of hemp for prosperous communities, resilient economies and healthy landscapes through equitable value chains, the ancient legacy of an extraordinary plant, and the dirt-packed intuition of farmers who turn meristems into marvels.


In Vermont, where Meristem Farms was born, it has been legal to grow industrial hemp* since 2013. If you tracked the progression of permits and acres dedicated to hemp farming across the state, it would paint a picture of volatility and hard work in an industry striving to establish itself.


In an industry becoming rapidly dominated by distinctions without difference, we seek to offer quality- and sustainability-conscious consumers a line of distinctive and holistic products that are more beneficial for their health and for the health of the communities and landscapes that bring it to market.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the significance of the CBD (or hemp) market has only been amplified by the trauma and stress, along with our country’s long overdue racial reckoning. 


Even with all these struggles, hemp-derived CBD products continue to find their way into natural food stores, bodegas and CBD shops becoming a medicinal staple for those seeking to remedy pain, inflammation, stress and sleeplessness.  


For that — and many other reasons — we created Meristem Farms.



Meristem partners with local Vermont farmers who cultivate our hemp varieties and other botanical ingredients for our holistic products that are rich in cannabidiol and other beneficial, non-intoxicating compounds.

We are a family and woman-owned business with a lifelong commitment to caring for the landscape and the communities dependent on its health and productivity.  We are a company of learners, in service to customers and partners who seek to realize the promise of this amazing plant to heal ourselves and our world. The cure for what ails us doesn’t come in a box, but some good medicine just might help!


Jen Daniels