What do you mean by full-spectrum hemp?

Full-spectrum products preserve the chemical diversity of the plant.  That means, cannabis products which contain all of the original compounds found in cannabis flower: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  Of course, when you are buying our flower and smokes, you are buying a product at its most unadulterated point; free of additives, chemicals and additional processing, harvested, dried and cured and then we packaged our flower directly into jars or shred and roll the flower into smokes, all completed straight from the farm.  We deliberately chose these products in order to bring to our customers all the rich wellness benefits of our plants.  

Research, including a 2015 study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, underscores how full-spectrum CBD is more effective for clinical and medical purposes than CBD isolate. One of the most exciting points is the synergistic effects that result through cannabinoid and terpene interactions, dubbed the ‘entourage effect’. Again, think of a symphony made up of thousands of notes, rather than hitting one key.

CBD isolate (a 'one-note solution') literally contains ONLY the CBD molecule and though the research is in its nascent stages, it suggests that there are more potential drug interactions with CBD Isolate, compared to full-spectrum CBD products according to the Primer on Cannabinoid Drug Interactions, released by Project CBD in late 2018.