You put it where??!! The not so hidden truths of coconut oil

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How Many Ways Do We Love Thee or Why We Love Our Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil + Hemp a simple marriage of botanical wellness.

We use organically grown, unrefined coconut oil sometimes called virgin coconut oil. 

We started here because, well, coconut oil is an easily accessible and economical oil to buy in bulk and available organically. 

Our family members needed relief and they weren't able to to smoke, so we crafted our first batches in the kitchen by infusing the oil with our first harvest of hemp.   

We went on to develop a highly potent formulation that we finish off in the lab to ensure its potency hits 1200 mg per jar, but we are proud to say this was kitchen-tested and family and friends' approved before it hit the market!

Sweet, smooth flavors remind us of warm sands and salty ocean, particularly poignant during the dark, cold days of northern winters.  

Highly emollient base oil derived from the coconut and solid at temperatures below 76 degrees F (24 degrees C). 

The challenge with creating a product with no added preservatives, is that it reacts to the temperatures surrounding it, but we are committed to purity, so prefer to present our products with only the most critical ingredients possible while also keeping costs reasonable.  

Coconut oil has a devoted following for its all-over, multifunctional use inside and outside of the body.  For some, it is the ultimate skin moisturizer and post-sun treatment.  

Coconut oil is a great carrier oil for CBD and all the other cannabinoids and terpenes because of its saturated fat content. Molecularly, cannabinoids work best when they are suffused into a high lipid content since they become absorbed more efficiently.

As such, coconut oil, with its near 90% saturated fat content, is a better choice for carrier oil than hemp seed or olive oil, with relatively lower concentrations. What’s more, the effects of coconut oil carries minimal health concerns, since its fat content is largely comprised of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are easy to break down and absorb. 

Here are some of the reasons and the ways we are experimenting with this multifunctional oil: 


vitamins for skin repair for the face, hair and all-over body balm

sooth and calm (anti-inflammatory) for skin flare-ups


pain relief

therapeutic massage

sensual massage




coffee, cocoa, matcha, tea



sauces and rubs

 ...get creative!


About Meristem Farms

A family-owned business, Meristem Farms  supplies hemp plants and crops for holistic products that are rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and other beneficial, non-intoxicating cannabinoids and terpenes. We grow them in northern Vermont, and with partner farms using specially bred cannabis plants to produce oils that feature the unique biochemical profiles of each individual variety.

In addition to farming and distributing organic hemp products, we distribute clean-stock clones and provide consulting services in regulatory compliance and capacity-building. Our goal is to serve our broader industry through policy leadership and public-private partnerships to build equity and effective governance throughout the hemp value chain.

We are a company of learners, in service to customers and partners who seek to realize the promise and power of this plant to heal ourselves and our world. The cure for what ails us doesn’t come in a box, but some good medicine just might help!

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